Ruff Santi first started to play drums at the age of 13 and quickly joined a rock band with his friends. After playing drums in several rock, blues and metal bands over the years, he coninued to learn other instruments, in order to create his own musical compositions.

Progumental Altercation is his first instrumental solo album, which incorporates various styles from rock to progressive metal.

Ruff Santi - Progumental Altercation (2019)

Progumental Altercation is the first Solo Album by multi-instrumentalist Ruff Santi. The album contains a heavy mix of various musical styles and is characterized by a diversity of themes and time signatures. The ever-changing musical attributes add up to an interesting experience for lovers of progressive music. All instruments were performed by Ruff Santi. Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Santi Studios.

Kava Conspiracy - Entaktogen

The first full length album of Kava Conspiracy - Entaktogen has finally dropped in 2019.

The Oriental Progressive Metal act from Reutlingen, Germany, has released their first full length album 'Entaktogen'.

Ruff Santi @ Soundcloud

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